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America's Best Comics Promotional Cards 1999

Sep. 27th, 2012 | 03:08 pm

In 1999 America's Best Comics, an imprint of WildStorm Comics specifically set up to feature new comics work by Alan Moore and his collaborators, and which would soon be sold to DC Comics with Moore's knowledge or approval, issued a set of four promotional cards to highlight four of the five original ABC titles. The fifth title, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, alone of the ABC properties, still belonged to Moore and his collaborator, Kevin O'Neill, whereas all the other titles had been sold to the parent company.

ABC Cards 1 FrontABC Cards 1 Back
#1: Tom Strong - Artwork by Chris Sprouse and Al Gordon

ABC Cards 2 FrontABC Cards 2 Back
#2: Top 10 - Artwork by Gene Ha

ABC Cards 3 FrontABC Cards 3 Back
#3: Promethea - Artwork by JH Williams III and Mick Gray

ABC Cards 4 FrontABC Cards 4 Back
#4: Tomorrow Stories - Artwork by Rick Veitch

As always, these things are copyright to the people they're copyright to, and are reproduced here purely for scholarly purposes. Yer honour.

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