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Forthcoming Work by Moore for 2009 (and Beyond..)

There are a number of Alan Moore books due in 2009. Quite a number of them are reprints of one sort or another, but there is some new material due to appear as well. Here’s an approximately chronological overview – based on dates retrieved from various sources – of what you can expect to see next year, as well as further into the future. And there’s a little speculation at the end about some not-yet-officially-announced projects, just to make it all a little more interesting!

December 2008

The Extraordinary Works of Alan Moore: Indispensable Edition TwoMorrows Publishing (December 2008)

A 240-page updated edition of George Khoury’s The Extraordinary Works of Alan Moore. Of course, this is actually due in 2008, not 2009, but I haven’t seen a copy yet, so I’m presuming it’s still forthcoming. More information here.



Neonomicon Hornbook Avatar Comics (January 2009)

A 16-page preview mini-comic featuring pages from Neonomicon, a four-issue series which is due be released in the autumn of 2009. It contains some script pages, some concept art, and a few lettered pages. Also, amazingly, come in a limited variant signed edition with a leather cover. More about this work further down...


Saga of the Swamp Thing, Book 1 HC DC Comics/Vertigo (February 2009)

The first volume of Moore’s run on Swamp Thing, collected in hardback for the first time, and including Saga of the Swamp Thing #20, never previously reprinted. More information here.


Captain Britain Omnibus Marvel Comics (March 2009)

A 680-page hardcover collection of the entire Marvel UK run of Captain Britain, including Alan Moore’s run on the character, as well as some relevant US publications. Contains material from Marvel Super-Heroes #377-388, The Daredevils #1-11, Captain America #305-306, Mighty World Of Marvel #7-16, Captain Britain #1-14, New Mutants Annual #2 and Uncanny X-Men Annual #11. More information about this on the Forbidden Planet International site, here.

Voice of the Fire Top Shelf (March 2009)

A paperback edition of Voice of the Fire. More information about this and about other Moore projects from Top Shelf here.


The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century: 1910 (What Keeps Mankind Alive) (1 of 3) Top Shelf/Knockabout (April 2009)

The first part of Century, volume three of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, which will consist of three square-bound eighty page episodes, set in 1910, 1968, and 2008, respectively, the second part due in September 2009, and the third part at some point in 2010. More information about this here, and about other Moore projects from Top Shelf here.

Lost Girls Top Shelf (April 2009)

A single-volume hardback edition of Lost Girls for $45. More information about this here, and about other Moore projects from Top Shelf here.


Superman: Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow? Deluxe Hardcover Edition DC Comics (July 2009)

A hardcover re-issue of possibly the best Superman story ever told. Not listed on the DC site yet, but there a page here on Amazon about it. It seems, as much as anything else, this is being re-issued to coincide with the publication of the hardcover collection of Neil Gaiman’s Batman: Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?


Absolute V for Vendetta HC DC/Vertigo (August 2009)

An oversized slip-cased hardcover reprint of V for Vendetta. No added extras, though, as far as I can tell.


The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century: 1968 (Paint It Black) (2 of 3) Top Shelf/Knockabout (September 2009)

The second part of Century, volume three of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, which will consist of three square-bound eighty page episodes, set in 1910, 1968, and 2008, respectively, with the third part due at some point in 2010. More information about this here, and about other Moore projects from Top Shelf here.

Absolute Promethea Vol. 1 (1 of 3) DC/WildStorm (September 2009)

Moore's Promethea gets the Absolute treatment. it'll be a 328 page slipcased hardcover, collecting issues 1 - 12, and will cost $99. More information here

At Some Indeterminate Date in 2009

Light of Thy Countenance Avatar Comics (2009)

A 48-page graphic novel adaptation by Antony Johnston of Moore’s short story of the same name, available to read online here. There will be both softcover and hardcover editions. Art is by Felipe Massafera.

The press blurb reads, “...adapted to graphic novella format by Antony Johnston preserving every word.” I can’t help wondering how much adaptation is actually involved if you’re “preserving every word”...

Neonomicon Avatar Comics (Autumn 2009)

A mini-series featuring four oversized issues with art by Jacen Burrows, and more or less a sequel to The Courtyard. Notably, this is actually scripted by Moore himself, rather than being an adaptation of a prose work by someone else, as is usually the case with Avatar productions bearing his name.

I had the opportunity to ask Moore about this when I interviewed him in March 2008, and this is what he said, “I wrote a thing which – I don’t know how good it is –I was trying my best, but it was at a time when I was poisonously angry, and that may have coloured the work. It was a HP Lovecraft – my basic thinking was – all right, they asked me to do something that was in a a horror vein, they asked me, and I said, well, I had some vague ideas about a continuation of that Courtyard story that I originally wrote for a HP Lovecraft prose anthology… And I said I’d thought of a vague continuation of that, and they said, “Great, why don’t you do that, do it with Jacen Burrows,” who’s a great artist, so I wrote this four-part story, which is really horrible. It’s a modern Lovecraft story, but I was thinking, well, let’s put the racism in, and let’s put the, misogyny in, and let’s put the – where in the past we talked about Nameless Rites, let’s name them, and let’s see what happens.

And so it’s a very unpleasant story, it’s very weird, I’ve not looked at it since, and I’ve not, I don’t know if they’re even, if Avatar is still doing it, I’m not really in touch with them. Your guess is as good as mine, and even whether it’d be that good when it comes, I don’t know. I’m sure Jacen will have done a great job, I’m just not sure I did the writing well. And it might have been a bit dark, you know. I might have been going through a bit of a dark spell, which, sometimes it colours the writing and whether it’ll ever come out I really don’t know, but that’s be something to - it was called, what was it called? I can’t even remember the title! I know it’d got four parts, and it was, no, it completely fails me. I have no idea.


The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century: 2008 (3 of 3) Top Shelf/Knockabout (2010)

The third part of Century, volume three of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, which will consist of three square-bound eighty page episodes, set in 1910, 1968, and 2008, respectively. More information about this and about other Moore projects from Top Shelf here.

The Moon and Serpent Bumper Book of Magic Top Shelf (2011 and counting...)

A 320-Page Super-Deluxe Hardcover, co-written by Alan Moore and Steve Moore, and illustrated by various luminaries from the comic book field. More information here.

Unearthing Top Shelf (2009?)

For the Iain Sinclair-edited anthology London: City of Disappearances, Moore wrote a long biographical essay about Steve Moore entitled Unearthing. This is apparently being adapted into a fumetti-style photo-illustrated hardcover novel by photographer Mitch Jenkins, and is to be published by Top Shelf Comics at some point in the reasonably near future. There are some photographs from the work in progress here.

Jerusalem Top Shelf (20??)

Moore is still working on Jerusalem, and this is pretty definitely going to appear, almost definitely from Top Shelf. As to when, the Lord alone knows, as I do not!

Rumour Has It...

First of all, there’s a new 24-page Bojeffries Saga story, called After They Were Famous, finished and in the hands of Steve Parkhouse, which will be included in a forthcoming complete Bojeffries Saga. No publisher mentioned as yet, but you’re reasonably safe to assume that Knockabout in the UK and Top Shelf in the US would be good bets.

Also, there’s an extended re-issue of the CD version of Brought to Light due in 2009, but I’ve no further details on that as yet.

And finally, there’ll be a new biography of Alan Moore published in 2009. More details on that as soon as I have clearance!

Melinda Gebbie is supposed to be doing a comic book adaptation of the spoken word CD Angel Passage, akin to the two adaptation Eddie Campbell has done, of The Birth Caul and Snakes and Ladders, but hasn't actually started work on it yet, to the best of my knowledge. You can read the transcript of Angel Passage here.

Similarly, there is some mention of Jose Villarrubia working on an adaptation of all of or part of one of Moore's spoken word works, but no further news on that otherwise.

There has been speculation on the Alan Moore Yahoo! Group mailing list about Avatar Comics doing an adaptation of Moore's 1988 screenplay Fashion Beast, but I've heard no concrete news on this otherwise.


DC/WildStorm are currently publishing the four-issue Top 10 Season Two, which will presumably have a TPB collection at some point in 2009. There is also a one-shot special in March 2009. In all cases the stories are written by Zander Cannon, who has worked on Top 10 previously as an artist.

And Finally...

There is one item left outstanding from the various projects that are finished, nearly finished, almost begun, and simply idle speculation: There's the 45 RPM vinyl single that was meant to be included with the Absolute edition of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Black Dossier. In this interview with Bill Baker Moore describes it thus:

AM: And there is a 45 [RPM] vinyl single that is supposedly by a 1950s band on a 1950s American record label, both of which are fictitious, but which are taken from other sources. That's part of the fun of The League, you know? The band is called "Eddie Enrico and His Hawaiian Hotshots," which, I believe, were mentioned very briefly by Thomas Pynchon in his excellent The Crying of Lot 49. But it's double-sided, it's a single with two sides. One side of which is "Immortal Love," and the other side of which is "Home with You," which are kind of League-themed 1950s pop songs.

And so, yeah, there'll be a lot of little extras in this. It's going to be a very handsomely produced volume....

BB: Just out of curiosity, who did the music?

AM: Who did the music? It was me and Tim Perkins, pretending to be a 50s American rock and roll band. I've discovered, at this late stage in my life, that I am, in fact, an Elvis impersonator. But you'll have to wait and listen for yourself, you know? [His voice assumes an Elvis Presley-like drawl] "Uh huh, thank you very much."

Although this single never appeared, I think Moore is hopeful that he'll get to use it at some point along the way. Perhaps with the collected edition of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century, whenever that eventually appears? After all, that will be published by Top Shelf, rather than than the apparently skittish DC Comics, who pulled the plug on the single appearing with the Absolute League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Black Dossier for undisclosed legal reasons. We shall see what we shall see...

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