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Forthcoming Work by Alan Moore for 2010 (and Beyond...)

There are a number of Alan Moore books due in 2010. Quite a few of them are reprints of one sort or another, but there is some new material due to appear as well. Here’s an approximately chronological overview – based on dates retrieved from various sources – of what you can expect to see this coming year, as well as further into the future. And, once again, there’s a little speculation at the end about some not-yet-officially-announced projects, just to make it all a little more interesting! This post is more-or-less a follow up to this post a year ago. This piece also includes information on works based on previous work by Moore, such as Tom Strong and the Robots Of Doom, and on related works, such as Kimota! The Miracleman Companion.

And of course Dodgem Logic is ongoing, so it would be tedious to put an entry for it in for every month. And you should all be buying it, anyway.




The Neonomicon Hornbook Avatar Comics (January 2010)

Script by Alan Moore, Art by Jacen Burrows

The entry for this January last year said, “A 16-page preview mini-comic featuring pages from Neonomicon, a four-issue series which is due be released in the autumn of 2009. It contains some script pages, some concept art, and a few lettered pages. Also, amazingly, comes in a limited variant signed edition with a leather cover. More about this work further down...

If you change 2009 to 2010, this is also correct for this year! This has been mooted for several years now, with jacen first mentioning in on his LiveJournal in November 2006 in this post, claiming it will be “the most talked about indie of 2007 once people learn more about it”. In fairness to Jacen Burrows, he’s a busy artist, and I’d rather he took his time and did it right than rush the work. Certainly from what I’ve seen here, it’s going to be well worth the wait, when the series proper starts in August 2010.

Tales of the Green Lantern Corps Volume 2 DC Comics (January 2010)

More information here, where it says, “It's another incredible collection of classic tales of the Corps from the pages of Green Lantern #168, 169, 171-173, 177, 179-183, 185, 187-190 and Tales of the Green Lantern Corps Annual #1, and featuring the work of Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons and many others!

When it says, “featuring the work of Alan Moore”, it seems to me that the only work of his that’s actually in this volume is the six-page Mogo Doesn’t Socialise (Green Lantern #188, May 1985). There are at least two other collections that feature this story: DC Universe: The Stories of Alan Moore* (DC Comics, 2006) contains Mogo Doesn’t Socialise, Tygers (Tales of the Green Lantern Corps Annual #2, 1986) and In Blackest Night (Tales of the Green Lantern Corps Annual #3, 1987), as does the earlier version of this collection, Across The Universe: The DC Universe Stories of Alan Moore* (DC Comics, 2003). There’s also Green Lantern: In Brightest Day* (DC Comics, 2008). which features Mogo Doesn’t Socialise and Tygers. Presumably at some point there will be at least one further retrospective volume of Tales of the Green Lantern Corps, allowing DC to reprint In Blackest Night, which is after all the title of their big DC Universe-wide crossover event for 2009 and 2010, and possibly beyond; and Tygers, which is apparently the origin of the current crossover storyline, according to this Wikipedia page.


Tom Strong: Deluxe Edition Volume 2 DC/WildStorm (April 2010)

Reprints Tom Strong issues 13-24. More information here.


Tom Strong and the Robots Of Doom #1 DC/WildStorm (June 2010)

Written by Peter Hogan, Art and cover by Chris Sprouse & Karl Story. More information here.

Marvelman Classic Primer #1, Marvel Comics (June 2010)

Not strictly related to Moore’s work, of course, but worth a mention none the less. The blurb about it on Marvel website here carefully avoids mentioning Moore or Miracleman, but apparently can’t help poking a little fun at Todd McFarlane’s shenanigans when it says, “But now, miracle of miracles, Marvel has stepped up to the plate

An attempt on Marvel’s part to bring potential buyers up to speed on what Marvelman is all about, and to try to show them why they should care about it. Contains interviews with Mick Anglo, Neil Gaiman and others, apparently. This will be followed in July by Marvelman Family's Finest #1 (of 6) (here), reprinting Marvelman stories from the 1950s in a 40-page black & white comic, and by Marvelman Classic Vol. 1 (here), a 160-page black & white hardcover priced at $34.00, reprinting material from Marvelman 25 – 34, published in 1954. Both of these are of these are due in July.

Marvelman ran for nine years at fifty two weekly issues a year, so if Marvel is intending to publish the entire run at ten issues per volume, even if you discount the last three years of its run, which was mostly reprints, it’s going to end up running up to about thirty volumes, with the same again for the material that ran in Young Marvelman, making a total of, oh, about $2,500 to buy the lot. Just doin’ the maths, folks...


Tom Strong and the Robots Of Doom #2 DC/WildStorm (July 2010)

Written by Peter Hogan, Art and cover by Chris Sprouse & Karl Story. More information here.

Unearthing Lex Records (July 2010)

Unearthing is the title of a forty-five page piece by Moore in the Iain Sinclair-edited London: City of Disappearances (Hamish Hamilton, London, 2006), which is all about his closest friend, Steve Moore. Originally this was to have been adapted into a fumetti-style photo-illustrated hardcover novel by photographer Mitch Jenkins, and apparently this is still to be published by Top Shelf Comics at some point in the reasonably near future. There are some photographs from the work in progress here.

In the meantime, however, another version of this has been produced. According to this post on the Lex Records website, there will be a spoken-word version of the story available in July 2010, with accompanying music by musicians including Adam Drukker & Andy Broder (aka. Crook & Flail), Mike Patton, Stuart Braithwaite, Zach Hill, and Justin Broadrick. (I’m afraid I have no idea who any of these are, but I’m sure some of you out there do!) There is a super-deluxe version of this available which includes:

2 x 180g vinyl LP audiobook with soundtrack
1 x 180g vinyl - soundtrack instrumental
1 x deluxe photo print portrait of Alan Moore by Mitch Jenkins
1 x Dot-matrix printed transcript of Unearthing
1 x Unearthing poster by Mitch Jenkins
CD1. audiobook with soundtrack
CD2. soundtrack instrumental

You can pre-order a copy here. I have.


Neonomicon #1, Avatar Comics (August 2010)

Wraparound cover for issue one

More information both here and here. I imagine that we’ll see various versions of the collected edition of this soon after the fourth and final issue appears in November.

This is what I wrote about this last year: A mini-series featuring four oversized issues with art by Jacen Burrows, and more or less a sequel to The Courtyard. Notably, this is actually scripted by Moore himself, rather than being an adaptation of a prose work by someone else, as is usually the case with Avatar productions bearing his name.

I had the opportunity to ask Moore about this when I interviewed him in March 2008, and this is what he said, “I wrote a thing which – I don’t know how good it is –I was trying my best, but it was at a time when I was poisonously angry, and that may have coloured the work. It was a HP Lovecraft – my basic thinking was – all right, they asked me to do something that was in a a horror vein, they asked me, and I said, well, I had some vague ideas about a continuation of that Courtyard story that I originally wrote for a HP Lovecraft prose anthology… And I said I’d thought of a vague continuation of that, and they said, “Great, why don’t you do that, do it with Jacen Burrows,” who’s a great artist, so I wrote this four-part story, which is really horrible. It’s a modern Lovecraft story, but I was thinking, well, let’s put the racism in, and let’s put the, misogyny in, and let’s put the – where in the past we talked about Nameless Rites, let’s name them, and let’s see what happens.

And so it’s a very unpleasant story, it’s very weird, I’ve not looked at it since, and I’ve not, I don’t know if they’re even, if Avatar is still doing it, I’m not really in touch with them. Your guess is as good as mine, and even whether it’d be that good when it comes, I don’t know. I’m sure Jacen will have done a great job, I’m just not sure I did the writing well. And it might have been a bit dark, you know. I might have been going through a bit of a dark spell, which, sometimes it colours the writing and whether it’ll ever come out I really don’t know, but that’s be something to - it was called, what was it called? I can’t even remember the title! I know it’d got four parts, and it was, no, it completely fails me. I have no idea.

Kimota! The Miracleman Companion: The Definitive Edition TwoMorrows Publishing (August 2010)

An updated and expanded hardcover edition of George Khoury’s excellent book on the story of Marvelman/Miracleman. New interviews include Neil Gaiman, Dez Skinn, and others.


Neonomicon #2, Avatar Comics (September 2010)

Absolute Promethea Volume 2, DC/WildStorm (September 2010)

According to this, “The second slipcased, oversized collection of Alan Moore's occult masterpiece is here, collecting Promethea #13-23. As a bonus, this volume includes an extensive gallery of sketches, developmental art and more.


Neonomicon #3, Avatar Comics (October 2010)

Tales of the Uncanny: N-Man & Friends: A Naut Comics History Volume 1 (AboutComics/SpiderBaby Comix)

Sturdy Steve Bissette is returning to some of the characters he co-created for the 1963 universe, and now exclusively owns the rights to, starting with this. More information on Steve's blog.


Neonomicon #4, Avatar Comics (November 2010)


Future Releases



Alan Moore Biographical Book by Gary Spencer Millidge (Ilex Press (UK) / Rizzoli (US), Spring 2011)

Due Spring 2011. 320pp full colour, 8"x11" hardcover with CD.

I have no more information about this for the moment, not even a proper title, but Gary Spencer Millidge knows what he’s doing, and it’s going to be a good book. I've contributed some illustrations from my own collection to this, and I know Gary is speaking to some other Moore collectors. I have attempted to draw him out on the contents of the CD, but he refuses to play!

The Bojeffries Saga Top Shelf / Knockabout

Last year, I said, “First of all, there’s a new 24-page Bojeffries Saga story, called After They Were Famous, finished and in the hands of Steve Parkhouse, which will be included in a forthcoming complete Bojeffries Saga. No publisher mentioned as yet, but you’re reasonably safe to assume that Knockabout in the UK and Top Shelf in the US would be good bets. This would now seem to be the case. I’m particularly looking forward to this, as the Bojeffries are one of my favourite of Moore’s creations, and the only work of his from the Warrior days which remains his own property. So, I was absolutely delighted when I saw that Top Shelf were supposed to be publishing this volume in December of 2010. However, the page (here) now says that it’s to be “A 2011 Release!

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Volume 3, Part 2 - Century: 1968 (Paint It Black) Top Shelf / Knockabout

This was previously due in September 2009 & October 2010. Now also to be to be “A 2011 Release!” Expect it when you see it.

Fashion Beast Avatar Comics

According to this piece on Bleeding Cool, dated the 11th of April 2010. “… next year Avatar Press, publishers of the Bleeding Cool website, will publish a 250 page graphic novel based on that original Alan Moore screenplay and McLaren’s original story. Adapted for comics by Antony Johnston, it will be drawn by Facundo Percio. This project has been in the works for many years, after Avatar’s William Christensen first met Malcolm McLaren in 2003, with the blessing of both McLaren and Moore.

When I interviewed Alan in March 2009, I asked him about Fashion Beast:

PÓM: Every so often I hear rumours that Avatar are going to do something with your Fashion Beast script.

AM: Well, that has been an ongoing project for a long while. I know that I put, that Malcolm McLaren and the Avatar people are in touch, and I said it was alright by me if they wanted to turn it, I mean, Anthony Johnston always does a great job of the adaptations, so, yeah, I’m sure if anybody can turn it into a comic, then it’d be him. So, I mean, it’s certainly the only way it’s ever going to see the light of day. So, yeah, but as to when and where, don’t know.

Alan Moore: Conversations University of Mississippi Press (Fall 2011/Spring 2012)

Edited by Eric Berlatsky, a collection of interviews with Alan Moore by various people, quite possibly including myself...



The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Volume 3, Part 3 - Century: 2008 Top Shelf/Knockabout

More details here.



The Moon & Serpent Bumper Book of Magic Top Shelf/Knockabout

Cover design by John Coulthart

A 320-Page Super-Deluxe Hardcover, co-written by Alan Moore and Steve Moore, and illustrated by various luminaries from the comic book field. More information here.


At an Indeterminate Point in the Future...

Jerusalem Top Shelf (201?)
Alan Moore’s vast sprawling novel all about Northampton. Every time I ask him about it, it’s two years from being finished.

The Book of Pleasure – Self Love by Austin Osman Spare
Moore has written an introduction for a new edition of this. I have no other information beyond that, I’m afraid.

Melinda Gebbie is supposed to be doing a comic book adaptation of the spoken word CD Angel Passage, akin to the two adaptation Eddie Campbell has done, of The Birth Caul and Snakes and Ladders, but hasn't actually started work on it yet, to the best of my knowledge.

Similarly, there is some mention of Jose Villarrubia working on an adaptation of all of or part of one of Moore's spoken word works, but no further news on that otherwise.

And of course there's that opera about John Dee that Moore is writing the libretto for.


Rumour Has It...

As far as I know the extended re-issue of the CD version of Brought to Light, originally due in 2009, is still theoretically on the cards.

The person who was working on a biography of Moore has just taken it up again, after being diverted by other projects. Perhaps I’ll have more news on this next year...

There's a lot more information about unfinished or never-started project by Moore to be found in The Unpublished Moore by Michael Norwitz, also on this blog.

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