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A Dream of Rorschach - The Question #17, June 1988

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Apr. 25th, 2012 | 11:41 pm

Before 'Before Watchmen' was even though of, DC did once use one of the characters from Watchmen in one of its regular comics. In The Question #17, cover-dated June 1988, Rorschach appears in a very brief dream sequence. The story is called, to avoid any confusion, A Dream of Rorschach. Here's the cover, the title page, and the two pages where Rorschach appears. He's mentioned here and there on a few other pages, and there's an editorial recommendation for Watchmen at the end of the letters' page. Also, note the thanks to Moore and Gibbons on the title page...


Page 1

Page 11

Page 13

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