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Immortal Love by Eddie Enrico and his Hawaiian Hotshots - Kapital Records

Immortal Love b/w Home With You by Eddie Enrico and his Hawaiian Hotshots. Both songs written by A. Moore & T. Perkins.

45rpm 7" single vinyl record #111853, Released in 1955 by Kapital Records, Inc, The Brillcreem Building, 1619 Broadway, New York, NY, USA.

Here's both sides of the single on YouTube. The B-Side starts at 3.15.

A Side
A Side - A.111853

Immortal Love

Didn’t get bitten in no Carpathian tower
Or eat the peaches from some heavenly bower
But oh my darling, I’m certain of our
Immortal Love

[Immortal Love, Immortal Love, Immortal Love]

I didn’t walk through no eternal blue flame
There ain’t no painting getting decrepit nowhere
But you and me, dear, I know that we share
Immortal Love

The wandering Jew, and old Melmoth too
Join hands with the gods up above
[Oh baby]
Olympus will ring, as all of them sing the tale of our
Immortal Love

I wasn’t mesmerised the Valdemar way
Ain’t no hypnosis, honey, preventing decay
But we’ve got one thing, whatever they say,
Immortal Love

Ayesha’s the maid who must be obeyed
But he joined[?] along, hand in glove
As troglodytes sway, down Africa way, and pray for our
Immortal Love

You didn’t get born out from the foam on the sea
That Count de St Germain, he ain’t related to me
But with us baby, forever there’ll be
Immortal Love

[Immortal Love, Immortal Love, Immortal Love]
Immortal Love
[Immortal Love, Immortal Love, Immortal Love]
Immortal Love
[Immortal Love, Immortal Love, Immortal Love]
[Immortal Love, Immortal Love, Immortal Love]

B Side
B Side - B.111853

Home With You

I used to ride a water spout
Or sail a big balloon
Or climb inside a rocket shell
And shoot it at the moon
Where Selenites had nightclubs
and Baby, pretty soon...

Then me and all the Selenites
decided to stay out all night
To find ourselves a crater bar
And order up a shooting star
But tonight I’m going to stay at home with you

Oh once I played out Venus way
And dig that crazy scene
Where all the girls are beautiful
And all the guys are green
I’d meet the real gone Mekon
And trade jokes with a Treen

And Perelandra came alive
With love in every [cellar dive ?]
We’d all call in at Carson’s Place
The finest inn in outer space
But tonight I’m going to stay at home with you

I’m [due/blue?] on the Red Planet now
I’m boogying on Barsoom
And Malacandra holds no candle
to our cosy room
For all its flying carpets
Its every sonic boom

Now Mars is pink and dreary dust
Where tripods stand around and rust
And for our Martian cavalry
No longer mean a thing to me
So tonight I’m going to stay at home with you

Yes tonight I’m going to stay at home with you

Also, what we do appear to have is a single from one record company, Kapital Records of New York, USA, that has got accidentally put in the sleeve from another company, Troynovantum Records, presumable of Troynovantum, Albion.


The history of this record is quite complex.

The songs were recorded to be included on a 45rpm 7" single vinyl record that was to be included with The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Black Dossier (America's Best Comics/WildStorm/DC Comics, New York, November 2007), but didn't appear with this. It was later to be included with The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Black Dossier - Absolute Edition (America's Best Comics/WildStorm/DC Comics, New York, August 2008), but did not appear with this either, with vague references to copyright being given as the reason for this. As well as this, Black Dossier was not available outside the US, again for alleged - but unclarified - copyright reasons. The fact that this was Alan Moore's last work with DC Comics before abandoning them for good may have had some bearing on this, and it has certainly been speculated that there was an element of spite on DC's side.

In this interview with Bill Baker from March 2007, Moore says,
AM: As one of the little extra giveaways, we've got a book produced by Pornsec, which, in Orwell's book, they're working for the Ministry of Truth, the Ministry of Propaganda, and they produce these little pornographic comics. And so, one of the giveaways is an eight-page Tijuana Bible, as dreamed up by Orwell's Thought Police. So it's Thought Police pornography. And that is something that will fall into your lap like subscription cards when you open the book.

There is a pair of 3-D goggles that will be included as well, that will be necessary for one section of the book--quite an important section of the book, actually.

And there is a 45 [RPM] vinyl single that is supposedly by a 1950s band on a 1950s American record label, both of which are fictitious, but which are taken from other sources. That's part of the fun of The League, you know? The band is called "Eddie Enrico and His Hawaiian Hotshots," which, I believe, were mentioned very briefly by Thomas Pynchon in his excellent The Crying of Lot 49. But it's double-sided, it's a single with two sides. One side of which is "Immortal Love," and the other side of which is "Home with You," which are kind of League-themed 1950s pop songs.

And so, yeah, there'll be a lot of little extras in this. It's going to be a very handsomely produced volume....

BB: Just out of curiosity, who did the music?

AM: Who did the music? It was me and Tim Perkins, pretending to be a 50s American rock and roll band. I've discovered, at this late stage in my life, that I am, in fact, an Elvis impersonator. But you'll have to wait and listen for yourself, you know? [His voice assumes an Elvis Presley-like drawl] "Uh huh, thank you very much."

So there'll be a lot of little goodies, because me and Kevin like that. We like having lots of nice little things in there. It reminds us of British comics of our youth, where there were always these kind of cheap giveaways included. But we've got some quite expensive giveaways in this one.

BB: And porn, too!

AM: Absolutely. It is 1984 Newspeak totalitarian porn, so it's kind of depressing, but also kind of funny. [Laughter] It's George Orwell's 1984, told as an 8-page tale in a Tijuana Bible pornographic comic strip, which is kind of funny and dreadful at the same time. But that's just a minor bauble to fall into the reader's lap.

In his introduction to Jess Nevins's Impossible Territories: The Unofficial Companion to The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen - The Black Dossier (MonkeyBrain Books, 2008), Alan Moore says,
I suppose it makes sense that the most unusual collection of the League's adventures thus far should also have had the most unusual path to publication. There was the last-minute interference a week or two before the first edition was due to go to press, which led to the decision not to release the volume in the UK or Canada. Then, surely coincidentally, there was the last minute interference a week or two before the supposedly-complete deluxe edition went to press, which led to the decision not to include the 7-inch vinyl single that was meant to accompany the work, despite the fact that the entire package had been cleared for release by the publisher's extensive legal department some two years previously. Kevin and I imagine that this is probably intended as some form of reprimand or punishment for our having suggested that the mainstream comic industry was no longer sufficiently intelligence, literate, morally hygienic or, indeed, competent to publish anything as apparently demanding as The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Well, I guess they sure showed us.

So, anyway, we're sorry about the non-appearance of the single, and we'll do our best to put that right at some point in the future. Actually, I could hum a couple of verses right now, just to give you an idea of what it would have sounded like. Okay. Let me just clear my throat here. Ahuhhm. Ahhuh-Ahuhhm. Right...
Didn't get bitten in no Carpathian tower,
Or eat the peaches from some heavenly bower,
But oh my darling, I'm certain of our Immortal Love.
I wasn't mesmerised the Valdemar way.
Ain't no hypnosis, honey, preventing decay,
But we got one thing, whatever they say: Immortal Love.
The Wandering Jew
And old Melmoth too
Join hands with the Gods up above.
Olympus will ring
As all of them sing
The tale of our Immortal Love...
Anyway, you get the idea. Sorry about that bum note in the chorus, incidentally. I’ll do an overdub and drop it in later.
None the less, the recording had been made, and had originally been meant to be included with Black Dossier, and there are references to it in various places in the book, and later on in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century - 1969 (Top Shelf Productions/Knockabout Comics, July 2011). In the script for Black Dossier there's this description of panels:
: Now, where’s that DOSSIER?

Change angle. Now dressed in her concealing wrap-around sash-waisted robe, Mina kneels on the bed facing towards its baseboard, full figure to our centre/right of the foreground and facing right. She is reaching down towards the bottom of the bed and pulling the BLACK DOSSIER out of her open handbag. She frowns in mild irritation as a number of small objects fall out of the open dossier and into the handbag as she pulls the dossier up out of the handbag’s depths. I figure that whatever little inclusions and inserts you want to have in this final package, we can establish them as part of the fictional dossier here. Mina frowns as these objects fall from between the pages of the dossier and into or onto her handbag. Looking past her into the near left background we see the blonde man as he stands up at the head of the bed on its far side, turned to face towards us and Mina as he speaks to her. The two tea cups are now standing on the bedside table on his side of the bed. The blonde man here, as he speaks fairly expressionlessly to Mina, is starting to take off his shirt here, revealing a white aertex vest beneath over his tanned, fairly muscular and fairly scar-free chest.

BLONDE MAN: Probably in your bag, where you left it.

MINA: I’ve got it. It’s...

MINA: Oh, that’s a nuisance. Some things tucked inside have fallen out.
One of the inclusions that was meant to be in the book, one of the 'things tucked inside', was this 7" single. This is made clear again in Moore's introductory note to Kevin O'Neill in the script for Black Dossier, where he says,
Here’s the contents page, or at least an attempt at it. I’ve put dates in for everything, but since I can’t find anything to check them against right now they’re probably all over the place like a madwoman’s shit and may contradict dates given in the actual texts themselves, so please check them all out. For example, I can’t even find a copy of Volume 1 so that I can check the date of Memoirs of an English Intelligencer, so please regard all the dates given hereunder as mere provisional approximations.

You’ll also notice that I haven’t included the pornsec Jane eight-pager here, since I figure that like the record and the 3D glasses it’s an extra giveaway designed to simply fall out unexpectedly in the reader’s (probably tumescent) lap. I admit that my thinking on this point is probably drugged and muddled, so if you have strong feelings in the other direction (and I don’t mean like the pudding-eating cowboys in Brokeback Mountain), then please let me know and I’ll write a contents entry for the Jane piece that you can just drop in where appropriate.
As you can see, the 8-page Tijuana Bible, which is bound into the book, was also originally meant to be loose in the book.

There are mentions of the single in various places in Black Dossier: On page 148, in the section called Director's Summary, dated 7.9.'56, where Robert Cherry is reporting to O'Brien on the movements of the Murray team (as they are known to British Intelligence), there is this paragraph:
Whomever the individuals that we have identified as Quatermain and Murray may turn out in actuality to be we do, as indicated previously, have various reports of their activities in the United States across the last ten years. Scant references within the opening chapters of the here appended copy of The Crazy Wide Forever by S. Paradise suggest that during the last year or two the couple (or a pair strikingly like them) were in San Francisco mixing with bohemians and criminals, while elsewhere in this same text it’s implied that our rogue agents were the inspiration for a gramophone recording of the current U.S. type, which similarly is included elsewhere in this dossier but fails to offer any clues to Murray and her partner’s whereabouts, being a rather fanciful, insipid and romantic song of little consequence such as Americans are, one supposes, presently in favour of.
There is also one mention of the record in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Century: 1969, in the first panel on page 32, where we see a radio, with this text issuing from it: '...stay at home with you!’ That was Eddie Enrico and His Hawaiian Hotshots...", although why the DJ would choose to play the B-side of an old record is a question I can't answer.

The name of the band, Eddie Enrico and His Hawaiian Hotshots, is a reference to Thomas Pynchon's Vineland, where a band called Eddie Enrico and His Hong Kong Hotshots turn up on page 78.

The music is written and performed by Tim Perkins, a regular musical partner of Moore's.

The label was designed by Todd Klein, based on initial sketches and instructions from Kevin O'Neill. He told me,
'I don't remember much, it's been years. I probably talked about the label first with Kevin, I might have suggested the Capitol label as a starting point, since they were using the Kapital label name, or Kevin might have already had that in hand. Kevin did the art and sent it to me with a layout, as always, and I designed the type to mimic the label we were looking at.'

A Side Label Close-Up
Kapital Records label close-up

Record Label larger
Capital Records label close-up

The Troynovantum Records sleeve was designed by Julia Scheele under the direction of Gosh! owner Josh Palmano. It is based on the old London Records label:

London Records Sleeve
London Records 7" Single Sleeve

Trotnovantum Records 7" Single Sleeve

The record's number, #111853, is a reference to Alan Moore's date of birth, the 18th of November 1953, if rendered in the american notation - Month, Day, Year, giving 11/18/'53 - as opposed to the arguably more sensible British notation - Day, Month, Year, which would be 18/11/'53.

Up at the top I said that the record was released in 1955. This is based on evidence from the books, as there's no date on the actual record label. In The Crazy Wide Forever, Moore's Kerouac/beat pastiche from Black Dossier, there's this passage:
...Min starts in to hum sum dum and humdrum number cum from off the radio sum croony moony joony freshman mating call what you recall from Summer afore last Immortal Love or some such nuisance nonsense bland and canned out of American Bandstand Land and right away Al’s big knot shoulder muscle slacks relaxes and he settles back there in the driver’s chair cranks down the window lets the wind slick back his hair and dam if he ain’t joining in to sing along with’ Min both grinning now like Dr. Sax ain’t going to doom dam and destructify Dean Moriarty and the hole world both right after these commercials and when I’m impertinent enough to mention all this smoochy stuff Min says how while back she and Al was in New York where Hyman Solomon fuck sea-heart sailors in the washroom at the Port Authority scream ‘feed me I’m a Jew’ at Rabbis and sing holy holy holy William Blake almighty in the beat up negro dawn and Min and Al back then sit talking all one night with would-be Hoagy Carmichael song-writing genuine genie-ass up in sum old cold water tenement next thing you know they’re listening on the radio show by late night firelight glow and Lo it’s their life story bin stole whole and stuck inside a song immortal love immortal love immortal lop op op op op op pom...
The publication date of Sal Paradise's book The Crazy Wide Forever is given as 1957, and the song dates from 'Summer afore last,' so I'm inferring that this means 1955.

The Brillcreem Building, where Kapital Records are based, is based on the Brill Building, which shares the same address at 1619 Broadway in New York, and which is an important location in popular musical history.

Sources for information: Wikipedia's The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Black Dossier page, amongst others, personal correspondence with Todd Klein and others, and much searching about on the Internet.
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