glycon (glycon) wrote,

DC Releases #11 - April 1985

DC Releases #11 - April 1985

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Thanks for publishing this - early '85 was exactly when I was getting into comics: as far as I can remember, World's Finest 311 was the first monthly I bought, enticed by the promise of Batman and Superman in one book! (314 is listed above)


July 31 2012, 10:23:18 UTC 8 years ago Edited:  July 31 2012, 10:23:38 UTC

Yes, thanks for posting! I remember these newsletters well... used to get them from the comics spinner rack at Waldenbooks at my local mall. I think I still have a bunch of them (including this one) in a box somewhere...
I've got two more - April 1986 and September 1986 - which I'll also post here, but if you have any others that touch on Moore's work, I'd be very grateful to have scans of them to post here...
"...nuclear war and bugfare..."

Bugfare??? Possibly a typo for bio-warfare?
If you look at the video on YouTube, you'll see that he actually says 'bug-fear,' which makes more sense...

I wonder whatever became of that "documentary" mentioned at the end.
It's this video:

I bought a copy of this on eBay a few years back, actually, and this YouiTube listing is a copy of that, after passing through a few friends' hands.