glycon (glycon) wrote,

Society of Strip Illustration

The May 1981 edition of the Society of Strip Illustration Newsletter carried a Q&A feature with several comics writers of the time, including Alan Moore. this is where he said he'd like to write Marvelman if anyone was willing to publish it. The rest, the cliché goes, is history...

David Lloyd kindly scanned all this for me, and added these comments:

The pencil edits you see were done in preparation for the reprinting of this piece in a later newsletter. I put little contrast on these scans to make them as legible as I could for you. Replies from the writers were merely pasted down extracts from letters written with varying conditions of ribbons, and then photocopied. Pre-computer days. And also good exciting days, when there was much enthusiasm around about what could happen and should happen in the business.

One thing to mention - the SSI's accurate name was the Society of Strip Illustration. The founders of the society in '77 figured using 'illustration' in that way embraced all the creative tasks involved in the medium and those who performed them. It was a really important part of the scene in those days, and I was extremely proud to have been active in it.


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