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Outbreaks of Violets

In 1995 Alan Moore wrote the text for a set of 24 cards, called Outbreaks of Violets, which were given away at the MTV Europe Music Awards 1995, and have since become something of a Holy Grail for fanatical Alan Moore completists. Like me. The last time a set came up on eBay I bowed out of the bidding at £200, and the item eventually sold for £800, if I remember correctly. Another set has come up for auction, which you can see here, with a starting price of £800. This is its second time being listed, having failed to sell the first time.

In the meantime, Rich Johnston of Lying in the Gutters has managed to get scans of all of the fronts and backs of them. I've grabbed the images, like a few others have, but I'm dogged enough to have edited them all down to individual images, and have matched up fronts and backs, so you have both the images and the accompanying text. As ever, I've posted them up at the largest size I can, although you'll notice that the fronts and backs were obviously scanned at different resolutions...

OOV Cover

OOV 1 FrontRear OOV 1

OOV 2 FrontRear OOV 2

OOV 3 FrontRear OOV 3

OOV 4 FrontRear OOV 4

OOV 5 FrontRear OOV 5

OOV 6 FrontRear OOV 6

OOV 7 FrontRear OOV 7

OOV 8 FrontRear OOV 8

OOV 9 FrontRear OOV 9

OOV 10 FrontRear OOV 10

OOV 11 FrontRear OOV 11

OOV 12 FrontRear OOV 12

OOV 13 FrontRear OOV 13

OOV 14 FrontRear OOV 14

OOV 15 FrontRear OOV 15

OOV 16 FrontRear OOV 16

OOV 17 FrontRear OOV 17

OOV 18 FrontRear OOV 18

OOV 19 FrontRear OOV 19

OOV 20 FrontRear OOV 20

OOV 21 FrontRear OOV 21

OOV 22 FrontRear OOV 22

OOV 23 FrontRear OOV 23

OOV 24 FrontRear OOV 24

MTV Europe Music Awards 1995

The artists responsible for the cards are as follows:

01) Mique Beltrán
02) Max Cabanes
03) Mick McMahon
04) Baru
05) Francesca Ghermandi
06) Javier Mariscal
07) Jean-Philippe Stassen
08) Kellie Strøm
09) Francois Avril
10) Isabel Kreitz
11) Rachael Ball
12) Max Andersson
13) Stefano Ricci
14) Francois Boucq
15) Jamie Hewlett
16) Max
17) Edmond Baudoin
18) Ed Pinsent
19) Loustal
20) John M. Burns
21) Pirinen
22) Lorenzo Mattotti
23) Christian Gorny
24) Ever Meulen

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