glycon (glycon) wrote,

In Pictopia!

In Pictopia! was originally published in Anything Goes! #2 (The Comics Journal, August 1986). Anything Goes! was published as a benefit book to raise funds to defend a lawsuit against the Journal by writer Michael Fleisher, over remarks made by science fiction writer Harlan Ellison in an interview with then editor Gary Groth. Alan Moore's script originally called for an 8-page story, but illustrator Don Simpson decided it need to be expanded to thirteen pages. The story was reprinted in George Khoury's The Extraordinary Works of Alan Moore (TwoMorrows, July 2003) with recolouring by José Villarrubia, the original colouring having been done by Eric Vincent.

In Pictopia 1
Sammy Sleepyhead = Little Nemo from Little Nemo in Slumberland

In Pictopia 2

In Pictopia 3

In Pictopia 4

In Pictopia 5

In Pictopia 6

In Pictopia 7

In Pictopia 8

In Pictopia 9

In Pictopia 10

In Pictopia 11

In Pictopia 12

In Pictopia 13
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