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From Hell Major Arcana

From Hell started life by being serialised in Steve Bissette's groundbreaking Taboo (SpiderBaby Grafix & Publications), with chapters 1 to 6 appearing in issues #2 to #7 between 1989 and 1992. Besides these six installments of the story, there were also three illustrations by Alan Moore which appeared on the inside back covers of issues #2 to #4. These illustrations featured various characters and places from From Hell, and were entitled Major Arcana. It seems probable that Moore intended this to be a longer series, but these three are the only ones that I know of. The first of these also appears on the cover of Book One of From Hell: The Compleat Scripts, and it is possible that subsequent volumes were intended to feature the other illustrations on their covers.

All images appear exactly as the are on the page, and the apparent poor quality of the third image and the poor framing of it are as they are in the original publication.

From Hell Arcana 1

Major Arcana: The Lovers and the Star (Eddie - Annie - The London Pentangle) by Alan Moore, 1989 (Taboo #2, 1989)
Oil pastel, collage, construction paper

From Hell Arcana 2

Major Arcana: The Magician, the Tower and the Devil (Gull - Christchurch - Hawksmoor) by Alan Moore, 1988, 1989 (Taboo #3, 1989)
Oil pastel, collage, construction paper

From Hell Arcana 3

Major Arcana: The Hermit and the Hierophant: Merrick and Ganesa by Alan Moore, 1990 (Taboo #4, 1990)
Oil pastel, construction paper, collage

From Hell Scripts HB

Front cover of the hardback edition of Book One of From Hell: The Compleat Scripts by Alan Moore, with illustrations by Eddie Campbell. Published by Borderlands Press and SpiderBaby Grafix in 1994.

There were to be 1000 signed and numbered hardback copies of this book, but far fewer than that were produced, and the limitation sheets appeared on eBay for a while. Originally I believed that there actually was no hardback edition, but I now own a copy, numbered #20, so I must believe the evidence of my own eyes. Still, it is possible there are far less that one hundred of these actually in existence, making it one of the rarest Alan Moore collectables out there. All to be rewritten, in light of further information!

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