glycon (glycon) wrote,

Watching the Watchmen Promo

This is a four-page promotional brochure produced by Titan Books to publicise to the book trade the forthcoming Watching the Watchmen book by Dave Gibbons. The brochure is actually quite large, just slightly larger than the screen on my scanner, so I've scanned the front and rear in one go, but the inner two pages in two halves, as the images on them are landscape, as opposed to the covers, which are portrait. See?

WTW Front

Front Cover

WTW 1.1

Page 1, part 1

WTW 1.2

Page 1, part 2</b>

WTW 2.1

Page 2, part 1

WTW 2.2

Page 2, part 2

WTW Rear

Back Cover
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