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why I love The Master...

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a small killing, aargh!, act of faith, alan moore, albion, america's best comics, angel passage, axel pressbutton, back-street bugle, big numbers, bill sinkiewicz, birth caul, black dossier, bojeffries saga, brought to light, bumper book of magic, captain airstrip one, captain britain, captain uk, chris sprouse, curt vile, d.r. and quinch, dave gibbons, david j, david lloyd, decline of english murder, dodgem logic, eddie campbell, emperors of ice cream, fashion beast, fat jap defamation funnies, flash girls, fossil angels, from hell, gary spencer millidge, gene ha, george khoury, glycon, halo jones, harvey pekar, hg wells, highbury working, his heavy heart, ideaspace, jamie delano, jerusalem, jill de ray, jimmy's end, john reppion, john totleben, jules verne, killing joke, kimota!, kultural krime komix, league of extraordinary gentlemen, leah moore, lost girls, mad love, marvelman, maxwell the magic cat, meatcake, melinda gebbie, miracleman, mitch jenkins, moon and serpent, negative burn, northampton, northampton arts lab, peter hogan, pictopia, promethea, ragnarok, retro spankies, rick veitch, roscoe moscow, satanic nurses, sinister ducks, skizz, snakes and ladders, st pancras panda, steve bissette, steve moore, supreme, swamp thing, taboo, terra obscura, the show, the worm, tim perkins, tom strong, tom strong's terrific tales, tomorrow stories, top 10, translucia baboon, twilight of the superheroes, unearthing, v for vendetta, voice of the fire, voodoo, warpsmiths, warrior, watchmen, wildc.a.t.s., wildstorm comics